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John Clifforth at the Toff


John Clifforth

John got involved in the Carlton music scene in the seventies whilst studying Medicine at Melbourne University. He has straddled the two worlds of music and medicine ever since. He spent many years in the US as a song writer/composer before returning to Melbourne to raise a family in Elwood and resume his medical work.


John worked closely with his dear friend Paul Hester in bands prior to Paul joining Crowded House and then again after he left that group. Up until Paul’s death in 2005 the two performed and recorded together extensively on each others and other artists' projects.

John established Albert Park Medical Centre in 2007 and continues to work part-time as a general practitioner with a special interest in skin cancer. John is still very active in the music scene playing guitar, keyboards or bass and singing in various groups but mainly with John & George, a duo with George Servanis on drums.


John has recently written a memoir entitled

The House with the Eyebrows.



Living in Melbourne in the mid seventies John formed a new wave band called

True Wheels with Greg Perano [Hunters and Collectors, The Deadly Hume].


By the early eighties he was playing with Paul Hester in The Cheks who, after were signing to Regular Records and with new bass player Cathy McQuade, formed Deckchairs Overboard releasing singles, an EP and an LP before disbanding in 1986. All original released songs are available on the Deckchairs Compilation CD.  


In subsequent years John has worked with Paul Kelly, Renée  Geyer, Colin Hay and again with Paul Hester and has released 2 solo albums, Craven’s Pharmacy and Overshare now available on Bandcamp.

John Clifforth - Overshare
John Clifforth - Craven's Pharmacy
Deckchairs Overboard - John Clifforth, Paul Hester, Cathy McQuade and Ken Campbell

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John Clifforth & George Servanis
True Wheels - John Clifforth, Greg Perano, Tim Brosnan, Mark Pemberton and Ian Forrest
The Cheks - John Clifforth, Paul Hester, Ken Campbell and Steve Carter
John Clifforth & Cathy McQuade - Deckchairs Overboard
Club Cavour, South Melbourne

live venue

Club Cavour

Melbourne's newest private membership live music and arts club.

Estabished in 2021 by John and Cathy McQuade. "When Cathy and I started out in the 80’s it was common to have friends play music or stage theatrics at parties and we’d like to bring that spirit of informal creative expression back." 

Club Cavour is a membership-based association located at 170 Cecil St, South Melbourne. A place for Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Performers and Story Tellers to come together. 

Find out more here >

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